Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs for overhauling a differential?

The costs depends on the condition and brand of the differential. It is best to come by with the differential so that we can provide a quote free of charge and without obligation.

I hear the differential making a noise, can I continue to drive this for the time being?

No, it is important to have the differential checked as quickly as possible. If you continue to drive, the damage in the differential may increase and the costs will be much higher.

The dealer / garage wants to replace the complete axle / differential for a new one, is that necessary?

No, often the axle / differential can still be revised and the costs are much lower than a new axle / differential. We can also supply axes / differentials at very competitive prices.

Which brands of differentials do you overhaul?

We can overhaul all brands and have the knowledge and tools of all brands to do this properly.

Do you also overhaul engines, gearboxes, manifolds, and drive shafts?

Yes we can all offer that at very competitive prices.

How long does a revision take with you?

If we can get the parts quickly, which is usually the case, the revision takes about 2 days.

How long does it take before ordered parts are received?

What we have in stock will be sent the same or the next day. What is not in stock can usually be delivered within a week. Items ordered via container from the USA (only on special order) takes approximately 7 weeks. If the order is placed, you will be given the expected delivery time in advance.

What are your opening times to bring and collect things?

Opening times are by appointment only and can often also take place in the evenings and at the weekend.

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